WSPS to host CEO Round Table Discussion as part of CSEAs

Why it's a prime possibility for CEOs to learn to lead in health and safety

WSPS to host CEO Round Table Discussion as part of CSEAs

Workplace Safety Prevention Services (WSPS), in collaboration with Canada’s Safest Employers Awards, is thrilled to announce its upcoming CEO Round Table Discussion, aimed at fostering networking and promoting essential resources within the safety community. The event is scheduled for October 19th, 2023, at Hotel X in Toronto.

The CEO Round Table Discussion has been an integral part of WSPS's partnership with Canada’s Safest Employers Awards for nearly a decade. As part of this partnership, WSPS has held exclusive ownership of the prestigious CEO of the Year category and acted as an evaluation partner. In line with this successful collaboration, the upcoming roundtable seeks to bring together influential industry leaders from construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, and more.

Jody Cook, president and CEO of WSPS, says it offers CEOs an incredible opportunity to learn from each other. "They are the leaders in health and safety; they can serve as mentors for other organizations," says Cook. "They have identified a business case for health and safety in the success of their organizations, which is why they are being acknowledged as leaders in our health and safety realm."

The roundtable discussion aims to facilitate a platform for CEOs to share insights and strategies that have been effective in improving health and safety within their respective industries. It will also address emerging trends and challenges, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence and the increasing focus on electric vehicle and battery manufacturing in Ontario.

Moreover, the event will touch upon the crucial topic of workforce management, particularly in light of the ongoing talent shortage. With the government's commitment to immigration and attracting skilled workers, the CEOs will discuss methods to onboard new talent safely and efficiently while providing necessary health and safety training in a language they understand.

The CEO Round Table Discussion promises to be a milestone event, gathering visionaries from various industries under one roof to share knowledge, collaborate, and drive the safety community forward. Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking event, as it seeks to inspire a safer and healthier working environment for all.