ASSP and SafetyCulture revolutionize workplace safety training

Mobile technology makes health and safety courses available on location

ASSP and SafetyCulture revolutionize workplace safety training

In a groundbreaking move to enhance workplace safety, the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has partnered with global technology company SafetyCulture to launch a new series of mobile-accessible training courses. This initiative aims to keep frontline workers updated on federal safety and health standards through convenient, bite-sized sessions.

Gone are the days when compliance training required lengthy classroom sessions. The new mobile training courses from ASSP and SafetyCulture can be completed on-site in just 15 minutes, making them a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced work environments. "Essential safety and health courses are literally being put into the pockets of workers across the country," said Mary Goranson, ASSP’s vice president of workforce development. "It’s a user-friendly experience that helps employers provide refresher training while enabling our Society to reach more workers with important safety information that can reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on the job."

The 27 newly developed courses cover crucial safety topics, including fall protection, machine guarding, heat stress, hazard communication, and respiratory protection. These courses align with the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ensuring workers stay current on essential safety protocols. The goal is to transform traditional compliance training into a widely accessible and highly interactive experience, even in remote locations.

Targeted training for high-risk industries

The training is particularly aimed at safety professionals and workers who have completed their OSHA DOL Card or received OSHA training more than a year ago. This group includes carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, masons, and other tradespeople who require a higher level of workplace safety knowledge. By targeting these workers, ASSP and SafetyCulture hope to address the unique risks faced by those in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

"Making training more impactful and accessible is something we are really passionate about," said Mike Welch, managing director of SafetyCulture Training. "By teaming up with ASSP, we are more broadly using our mobile technology to provide the high-quality courses that frontline workers need to navigate common job-site hazards."

A new era in safety training

The launch of these mobile training courses represents a significant shift in how workplace safety education is delivered. The partnership between ASSP and SafetyCulture leverages the latest technology to make high-quality safety training more accessible, efficient, and effective. With the ability to complete these courses on any mobile device, workers can now easily stay up-to-date with essential safety information, no matter where they are.

The collaboration between ASSP and SafetyCulture marks a transformative moment in workplace safety training. By providing essential safety courses through mobile technology, they are not only making compliance training more convenient but also significantly contributing to the reduction of workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.