Blackline Safety secures $8.5M contract

Deal with North American midstream company is the biggest yet for the company

Blackline Safety secures $8.5M contract

Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN), a global leader in connected safety technology, has announced its largest contract to date: an $8.5 million agreement with a major North American midstream company. This deal aims to enhance safety protections for 1,025 workers, bringing the total number of protected employees to nearly 2,000.

The contract significantly expands an earlier $3.5 million deal from September 2023, which initially covered more than 850 workers. This extension underscores the midstream company’s commitment to comprehensive safety measures across its workforce.

As part of the new agreement, the midstream company will deploy 1,025 G7 wearable gas-detection and lone worker devices. Additionally, the company will use 753 G7 Bridges to ensure seamless connectivity for workers in remote areas via satellite. These advanced devices offer real-time monitoring and connectivity, even in areas without cellular signals, providing crucial safety support for field and site workers.

The decision to standardize on Blackline’s technology followed a thorough review of available gas detection and lone worker devices. The G7’s robust features, such as immediate alerts on workers' status and precise location tracking, proved decisive in the company’s choice. These capabilities ensure rapid response in emergencies, particularly in confined spaces and remote locations.

Sean Stinson, Blackline Safety president and chief growth officer, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled Blackline has become the preferred safety tech provider for this major midstream customer. Our devices are unique in the market — no other gas detection company provides real-time connectivity even in remote areas. Workers are never alone when they have Blackline at their side.”

The G7 wearable, known for its SOS latch, fall detection, no-motion detection, and real-time connectivity, acts as a vital lifeline for workers. When paired with the G7 Bridge, which provides satellite connectivity, even the most isolated workers remain connected and monitored in real-time.

This latest contract surpasses Blackline’s previous record, a $7.8 million deal with the utility industry announced in late 2021. The series of substantial enterprise agreements highlights the growing market acceptance and recognition of Blackline’s innovative, life-saving technology across various sectors.