Neurabody looks to improve posture with AI

Company tries to tackle back pain among office workers

Neurabody looks to improve posture with AI

Health tech startup Neurabody has launched an innovative AI-powered posture correction solution designed to address the global issue of lower back pain. Utilizing data and IoT products, Neurabody aims to provide effective ergonomic solutions for office workers, insurance companies, and esports gamers.

A recent study published in The Lancet highlights lower back pain as the leading cause of disability worldwide and the primary reason for workplace absenteeism among working-age populations. Neurabody's mission is to combat this widespread problem with its advanced smart posture products, equipped with embedded sensors and powered by an analytics platform named Posture AI.

“The societal and economic impact of lower back pain is enormous,” said William Choi, co-founder of Neurabody. “We see the loss of productivity from missed days at work and a reliance on medication to alleviate pain. At the same time, there is varying and even contradictory advice to fix back pain. We need innovation in this field, not least since back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.”

Neurabody’s current offerings include a smart posture estimation sensor and an optional posture correction ergonomic shirt. These products monitor user posture and provide personalized feedback to encourage better habits. For instance, the sensor alerts the user with a buzz if they begin to slouch.

“Our technology analyzes posture data from the sensor to detect habits and behavior patterns,” said Susan Kim, research manager & data analyst at Neurabody. “Users can monitor their posture throughout the day via a dedicated mobile app. It provides detailed information about when you are in a bad posture, such as letting you know if you tend to lean forward a lot after 4 PM during working days. The idea is to help users become aware of their sneaky little habits and correct them. Additionally, using this posture data, our machine learning models predict the likelihood of back pain and recommend exercises to mitigate the risk.”

William Choi, with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, founded Neurabody motivated by his own and his wife's back pain issues. Previously, Choi was an investor and founding member of BackJoy Orthotics, recognized as an Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company.

“Back pain is a global silent killer,” said Peter Rhee, head of business development at Neurabody. “Our Posture AI is the most advanced AI analytics platform tackling this issue, bridging medical and lifestyle customized solutions. We offer the only ‘plug & play’ hardware and software platform that integrates mainstream platforms while offering its own smart ergonomic products & services through gamification.”

Neurabody’s products are designed not only for office workers but also for insurance companies aiming to enhance employee wellness and esports gamers seeking to prevent injuries. The company currently serves approximately 500 active users, including LG Academy and Dongyang Life Insurance.

“Neurabody provides a seamless all-in-one solution by bridging the gap between functional ergonomic products, sensor devices, and data analytics, enabling the user to self-manage their posture,” said Dr. Denys Pak, postgraduate dean for digital innovations and clinical entrepreneurs at NHS Health Education England.

Neurabody's approach combines ergonomic innovation with advanced data analytics, aiming to provide long-term relief and preventive measures against lower back pain, ultimately enhancing overall health and productivity.