Safety training for personality risk

TalentClick has introduced a new half-day workshop based on its Safety Quotient tool that focuses on how individual personality differences contribute to a safe or unsafe workplace.

The Safety Quotient (SQ) is a psychometric tool that is used as a leading indicator of incidents. The SQ is proven to reduce incidents by 10 per cent to 25 per cent in most companies, says TalentClick. After completing the online assessment, each participant will receive one or both of the following reports, depending on which program they are enrolled in:

The SQ employer report provides data on individual workers as well as group analytics. It illustrates which workers are more likely to be rule-resistant, distractible, impulsive, irritable and more. It gives leaders practical, actionable advice for coaching “higher-risk” employees.

The SQ participant version of the report includes a SafeSELF Personal Action Plan for self-awareness and changing one’s own behaviours.

The workshop is available in two different formats:

Level 1 for front-line workers
This session provides a practical method for reducing preventable incidents by first understanding what causes human error.

Level 2 for supervisors
This session helps leaders understand how personality contributes to preventable incidents. Participants will learn how to spot high-risk workers and ways to coach and manage those employees.

Participants learn:
• How to explain the causes of human error
• How personality types can contribute to increasing or reducing safety risks
• How to reduce risk of incidents by managing personality risk in themselves and others

Course agenda:
• Industry stats on human error
• Psychology of behavioural safety and risk tolerance
• Research & case studies on personality risk assessments
• SafeSELF Personal Action Plan
• Individual and group exercises.

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