Telus offers Connected Worker solutions

Technology helps employers keep workers safe in the field

Telus offers Connected Worker solutions

Telus offers a Connected Worker service it says can improve safety outcomes and mitigate risk with real-time monitoring and alerts about connected workers and assets, all through one centralized platform.

It allows employers to enable lone worker monitoring, employee tracking and person down detection – supported by a 24/7 remote management centre and real-time alerts.

 It can help ensure compliance with government health and safety mandates to keep workers safe, avoid fines, keep insurance rates low and protect productivity. It also helps companies stay vigilant with real-time visibility into gas hazards and worker safety through live monitoring and other connected safety tools.

Telus says it makes managing compliance easy by mitigating risks and protecting businesses from legal liabilities by enabling 24/7 live emergency response for employees.

It can protect your team by detecting unsafe conditions and employee fatigue. The information allows for quicker decision making while communicating with front-line workers about orders, schedule updates and training. It can also reduce costs through innovations that identify idle times, improve processes, and streamline operations.