Competition Law & Regulatory Scrutiny in the “New Normal”: How to navigate a complex, changed landsc

There has been a distinct shift in the scope and breadth of investigations by global competition regulators, and the Canadian competition law landscape has followed suit. From the continued focus on the digital economy and ‘big tech’ to merger review, class actions proceedings and the expanded scope of the Canadian Competition Act, the Canadian competition law landscape has undergone significant developments this year. It can at times be difficult to keep pace with a continually evolving landscape and you might find yourself asking – What are the wider impacts? What measures can you take to be prepared and stay ahead? Watch this free industry panel discussion where the experts shared perspectives on regulators activity when investigating anti-competitive behaviour, the strategic role of technology, leveraging advanced analytics tools, and the impact of early case assessment. Our panellists will discuss these topics – and answer questions – about the evolving Canadian competition law landscape. We outlined all the major changes in the industry, useful strategies, and everything you need to be aware of. Learn from a panel sponsored by Epiq, and have the chance to ask important questions surrounding the Canadian competition law landscape.