Attracting skilled workers during a labour shortage: Strategies for thriving in a changed climate

Attracting high-quality skilled workers has never been more challenging. With sweeping labour shortages, employers need to find innovative ways of building a strong workforce - and this boils down to providing something of real value to current employees as well as appealing to new, skilled hires.

This free and exclusive webinar will equip you with future-focused strategies and industry insights for increasing retention, attracting skilled workers, and thriving in a challenging hiring climate. Join Mike Parent, Vice President of Health and Safety Services at Workplace Safety North, as he delves into the economic factors that have contributed to the labour shortage and ways employers can overcome the common set-backs.

Watch the free webinar today and gain essential insights across:

  • Current labour market conditions and the main factors that are influencing a shortage
  • How the availability of skilled workers has been impacted by demographic changes, immigration policies and changing workforce dynamics
  • Practical strategies you can implement today for attracting and retaining talent in a continually changing environment.

Watch now and give your business the best chance at attracting high quality talent.