Build a culture of safety and wellness using employee recognition

From safe work habits and boosting sales to achieving productivity goals and working towards personal wellness, there are numerous benefits to an effective rewards and recognition strategy.

For HR and safety professionals, a key objective is to effectively communicate and encourage the attitudes, behaviors and contributions that your organization values most. Whether it’s practicing safe work habits, achieving sales or productivity goals or working toward personal health and wellness, when individuals and teams perform at their best potential, the organization as a whole performs at a higher level. An effective rewards and recognition strategy can communicate and encourage the behaviors that help your organization thrive.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why employee recognition is an important tool for communicating and encouraging organizational values
  • How to structure rewards and recognition programs for compliance and impact
  • How to use rewards and recognition to help achieve safety, wellness or performance goals
  • How to achieve the best long-term impact with rewards and recognition