The hidden risks of temporary agency workers and strategies for success

Learn new strategies for success

Organizations are increasingly utilizing temporary agency workers to gain greater flexibility under the pressure of limited workforce headcounts. However, the clear benefits also come with great risks – such as for inconsistencies to occur in your organization’s safety performance, leading to wider regulatory problems.

This free industry session delves into everything you need to be aware of when using Temporary Agency Workers, and the effective measures you can take to successfully manage them in your business, while at the same time ensuring safety standards are consistently being met.

Led by Dylan Short, CRM, CHSC, managing director at Redlands Group, key regulatory challenges and how to overcome them will be brought under discussion. Have all your questions answered by a leading expert in the field.

Watch the free session today and gain insights on:

  • Canadian regulatory issues and regulator expectations when utilizing Temporary Assignment Workers
  • What failure to manage Temporary Assignment Workers looks like, and what to avoid
  • What can lead to operational pressures, in-turn setting up Temporary Assignment Workers to fail
  • Tried and tested strategies to create success when using Temporary Assignment Workers