Understanding cut hazards: How to choose the right hand protection

Find out how to choose the best cut hazard hand protection for your workers

Hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident worldwide – and over a third of them involve cuts. These injuries often occur because workers are wearing the wrong hand protection, or no hand protection at all.

Join Superior Glove Hand Safety Specialist Shane Nider to learn how to best mitigate cut hazards and what to consider when choosing the best cut protection for your workers.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about industry cut resistance standards and how to identify whether your team's gloves are providing the protection they need
  • Understand common misconceptions about cut-resistant gloves, so you can avoid common pitfalls
  • Gain key insights into features and technology to look for when choosing cut protection for your team
  • Ask Shane your hand safety questions in a live Q&A session