Automate your safety program for contractor success

Automate your safety program for contractor success

Implementing the right solution can see a remarkable transformation of your contractor safety program – resulting in a staggering reduction in admin time and making a real difference to the efficiency of your safety operations.

In fact, for packaging company Genpak, which employs more than 500 contractors annually, what once took each plant hundreds of hours to complete is now being done by one individual, with higher accuracy, and in just a matter of minutes. So how did Genpak revolutionize their business to create an exponentially more reliable and accurate process? And how can you do the same?

This free case study provides a comprehensive walk-through on overcoming contractor compliance challenges, implementing a new operational plan, and how to cut back on both time and costs.

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  • Overcoming the challenges of maintaining compliance records with your contracted companies 
  • Transforming your compliance process, saving you thousands of hours of admin per year
  • How your contractor safety process can be more reliable and accurate, in-turn lowering the risks

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