Elevating safety standards: VizLite Dual Technology

Elevating safety standards: VizLite Dual Technology

Elevate your safety game to unparalleled heights with VizLite Dual Technology. In today's high-risk industries, visibility isn't just crucial—it's lifesaving. Step into the future of safety with VizLite, where cutting-edge phosphorescent and reflective technologies merge for maximum safety and efficiency.  

Whether in low light or no light, Vizlite ensures unbeatable visibility and protection. Dive into our latest white paper and discover the revolutionary capabilities of VizLite Dual Technology, its impact on workplace visibility and how VizLite keeps countless organizations and teams protected. 

Vizlite’s benefits include: 

  • Enhanced visibility: offers an intense glow lasting up to 8 hours ensuring visibility over 200 meters without an external light source  
  • Versatile applications: seamlessly integrates with both new and existing safety garments and accessories   
  • Extreme durability: engineered to perform in the most challenging conditions, maintaining functionality in temperatures as low as -30 degrees  

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