Navigating the landscape of workplace oral fluid drug testing

Navigating the landscape of workplace oral fluid drug testing

In the realm of workplace safety, reliable and accurate testing is paramount. Employers need to trust that the results they receive are accurate in order to make appropriate decisions and maintain a safe and productive environment. 

Oral fluid testing, both lab-based and point-of-collection testing (POCT) offers some advantages over traditional urine tests. With oral fluid tests, the entire collection process can be observed, significantly reducing the risk of tampering, and positive results typically indicate more recent substance use compared to urine samples.  

However, despite advancements, many oral fluid POCT devices still fall short when compared to lab-based oral fluid tests.  

This latest white paper delves into:  

  • The advantages of oral fluid testing, available options on the market and their accuracy in testing 
  • Insights into point-of-collection test versus laboratory-based testing  
  • The concerns and drawbacks that you should be aware of 
  • Recommendations for you to implement into your organization 

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