The 6 steps to a compliant lockout tagout program

The 6 steps to a compliant lockout tagout program

Year after year, lockout target compliance continues to appear on OSHA’s Top 10 Cited Standards list, and the majority of these citations are due to a lack of proper procedures, program documentation, periodic inspections or other procedural elements.  

This free and comprehensive white paper provides key elements for a robust lockout target procedure that will help keep your workers safe and avoid anyone becoming a statistic due to non-compliance. You will be able to obtain a clear roadmap to workplace safety and standardization.  

Download your free copy now and gain insights on:

  • Developing and documenting a lockout tagout program or policy
  • Writing machine/task specific lockout tagout procedures 
  • Identifying and marking energy isolation points 
  • Lockout tagout training and periodic inspection/audits 
  • Providing proper lockout tagout devices 
  • Sustainability 

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