The complete guide on construction site fall protection

The complete guide on construction site fall protection

A staggering number of workplace fatalities occur in the construction industry and these are often complicated occurrences that involve several different factors.

Having a better understanding on fall protection standards, which address both equipment and human-related accidents, allows employers and safety leaders to take an actionable role in protecting workers.

This free in-depth white paper will lay out the specific national, provincial, and territorial standards and regulations employers need to know about to meet fall protection protocols and keep their construction workplace safe.

Learn about the key fall protection solutions available, and the comprehensive plans and strategies you can implement.

Download the free white paper today and gain insights on:

  • Specific tactical recommendations to help prevent falls and keep workers safe in the event of a fall
  • The key role employers play in preventing construction site fatalities and injuries
  • How to approach construction fall protection from a strategic viewpoint that helps ensure compliance with standards and regulations 

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