The Complete Guide to Business Continuity Planning

The Complete Guide to Business Continuity Planning

The global economy shrunk by 3% in 2020 (IMF) in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With large-scale operational disruption and exceptional hardships that enterprises have had to endure, business sustainability and continuity are becoming the prevailing focus moving forward.

For individual businesses, it is vital to deploy measures that safeguard their present and future, and establishing a comprehensive business continuity plan or BCP is a necessary first step.

An effective BCP is governed by factors like risk and visibility, and in turn, has a positive impact on these factors. However, studies indicate that 69% of companies do not have full visibility of their supply chain.

Download the comprehensive report from Avetta and learn the role Business Continuity Planning has in supply chains.

Gain insight into:

  • The differences in Business Continuity Planning among small, medium, and large enterprises
  • The stages of the BCP cycle
  • How to build a crisis response team to draft emergency safety policies and procedures for the workplace
  • Case studies and templates for successful business continuity planning

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