The complete guide to minimizing incidents and injuries in the workplace

The complete guide to minimizing incidents and injuries in the workplace

Globally, 2.78 million work-related deaths and 374 million non-fatal workplace accidents occur every year. But with the true costs of occupational hazards being felt not seen, and impacting families and communities – what measures can your organization take to protect workers and minimize fatal incidents?

Pulling together a collection of industry studies and analysis, this free comprehensive white paper explores the different types of occupational hazards, including the serious and fatal, and examines the root cause of these in the workplace. Be provided with eye-opening insights on where the gaps are, and the key industry trends that have led to a spike in fall-related injuries.

Learn the key steps your organization can take to mitigate these risks, strategies to create effective contractor safety, and why you need to focus more on people, not statistics.

Download the free white paper today and learn about:

  • Trends in the industry and the root cause of workplace incidents
  • Expert tips for implementing effective safety – including a key safety program framework
  • How to remain diligent about safety standards
  • How third-party monitoring can bolster safety
  • The measures you can take to best manage workers

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