The New Frontier of Occupational Safety and Health

The New Frontier of Occupational Safety and Health

Over the past five decades, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) industry has made great strides in adapting to a more robust regulatory and legal framework. However, evolving risks continue to pose a threat to what makes established global OHS standards most effective. 

How can your organization keep pace with the ever-changing landscape and continue to drive crucial improvements across standards and processes?

This free and comprehensive white paper reveals what to expect in the following years with emerging trends, regulatory changes, and compliance requirements.  With the new OHS landscape clearly visible on the horizon, keep informed on how your organization can take progressive steps toward increased safety and health initiatives. 

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  • How wider forces have changed OHS and how this will evolve
  • Occupational health & safety being overlooked as a key ESG concern, and how this is expected to change 
  • The case for mental wellbeing during a time when stress in the workplace is at severe levels 
  • The newest OHS trends and governmental standards 

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