The science of FR/AR fabric selection

The science of FR/AR fabric selection

How can you select proper PPE specific to your industry?

Selecting PPE materials requires commitment and active participation in the planning, development, and implementation stages of adoption. Flame-resistant and arc-rated (FR/AR) fabrics come in numerous formulations, all with their own set of characteristics which add to the complicated process of choosing PPE.

Download this free white paper and find out how to select a reliable, compliant fabric to serve as the foundation of your organization’s protective clothing. Learn from industry pioneer, Westex®: A Milliken Brand, makers of the world’s most trusted flame-resistant and arc-rated (FR/AR) textiles. Guarantee your PPE garments meet occupational safety standards.

Gain insight into:

  • How safety and comfort come from the fabric brand—not the garment brand
  • The importance of FR fabric’s certification and asking for third-party test results
  • Why you should specify the fabric in your garments, no matter the brand


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