Understanding Canada’s changing safety standards

Understanding Canada’s changing safety standards

Safety protocols are key considerations for all industries committed to employee health and wellness. Not only are many of them mandated by law, but upholding safety regulations and best-practices is essential to running a successful business.  

When it comes to workplace safety, issues don’t happen out of the blue, but rather occur when businesses cut corners with protocols. Failure to update and train employees properly on safety protocols and to adequately comply with changing regulations are the type of shortcuts that increase your organization’s risk.

True safety success is achieved when organizations take a proactive approach to workplace safety. For tools to improve your protocols and safety program, download this free whitepaper for an in-depth look at changes to safety law and insights on:

  • The importance of seeking continuous improvement in safety standards
  • Staying on top of regulatory updates
  • Navigating complex CSA safety standards


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