Your blueprint for fall safety and compliance

Your blueprint for fall safety and compliance

Falls from a height can cost companies time, money, and can be detrimental to a company’s ability to work efficiently. Thats why it’s not only important to have a procedure in place to keep your workers safe but also keep you covered from any liability. So, what should companies look for in a fall safety policy?

This free and comprehensive white paper acts as a blueprint to protect workers and mitigate risks by detailing the requirements for fall protection across 3 different work zones. Learn key safety requirements across rooftops, roof perimeter plans, defining fall restraint as opposed to fall arrest, and training for working at a height.

You will learn:

  • The risks and liability of not having compliant rooftop fall protection.
  • Approaches to rooftop fall protection from a strategic viewpoint that helps ensure compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Tactical recommendations to help prevent falls and keep workers safe – and so much more.


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