Chemical leak triggers evacuation at Quinlan Bros. Plant

Workers hospitalized after sanitation system malfunction

Chemical leak triggers evacuation at Quinlan Bros. Plant

A chemical exposure incident at the Quinlan Bros. seafood processing plant in Bay de Verde led to an evacuation on Thursday morning. The issue arose from a malfunctioning sanitization system, newly installed, as confirmed by Digital Government and Service NL spokesperson Gina MacArthur.

Employees exposed to the chemicals were taken to the local hospital via ambulance. The RCMP announced on Friday that all affected workers have been released after receiving medical care.

The incident occurred shortly after 9 a.m., prompting an occupational health and safety inspection. This led to a stop-work order, preventing the use of the sanitization system until it is verified by a qualified professional and approved by Service NL officials.

After the evacuation, the plant's processing area was thoroughly cleaned to remove any chemical residue, allowing the plant to reopen later on Thursday. Authorities confirmed there was no ongoing risk to the workers.

A comprehensive investigation into the malfunction is in progress. The inspection report notes that the Quinlan Bros. plant in Bay de Verde employs 500 people.