Employer slapped with five-figure fine for working-at-heights injury

Worker fell approximately 10 feet and suffered spinal fracture

Employer slapped with five-figure fine for working-at-heights injury

Sandhill Construction – Dwight Reimer Sole Proprietor, a Manitoba employer, has been fined $18,500 after one of its workers suffered an injury.

The incident happened on July 16, 2018, when an employee was helping install rafters on a two-storey garage in the RM of Alexander.

The worker was working on the second floor, on the top platform of a moveable steel scaffold. Suddenly, five of the rafters not yet secured to the top girder began to fall in a domino effect.

One of the rafters struck the scaffold and caused the worker to fall approximately 10 feet to the plywood surface below, resulting in a spinal fracture.

On July 19, 2022, Reimer pleaded guilty to S. 4(2)(b) of the WSHA or failing to provide information, training, instruction and supervision to a worker to ensure the safety, health and/or welfare of a worker.

Other employers were also previously fined for workplace safety violations.

British Columbia employer A-1 Trusses Ltd. was fined $23,389.66 after a worker was seriously injured in the workplace. Sammy J's Morgan Crossing Ltd. was also fined $9,660.57 for an incident that resulted in a worker sustaining serious injuries. M & M Excavating Services Ltd. was fined $50,551.14 after an incident of natural gas release in its worksite.

Triple J Aggregates Limited, a Newfoundland company, is also facing charges related to an employee who died in a quarry near St. John’s in September 2020.

Ontario employer Domm Construction Ltd. was fined $75,000 after one of its workers was critically injured while performing duties at a construction site in Ayton.

Coast Roofing Ltd. was also fined $4,424.52 after one of its workers fell from an 8:12 sloped roof, sustaining serious injuries. Dogtooth Log and Timber Ltd., Big Guns Roofing Ltd., Rai Star Custom Homes Ltd., Lalli Development (2011) Ltd., 0568677 British Columbia Ltd., Kalan Constructions Ltd. and Rainbow Siding Ltd. were also fined for fall protection violations in the workplace.