Xcalibre SRLs

Checkmate, a Pure Safety Group (PSG) brand, has unveiled the new line up...

Xcalibre SRLs

Checkmate, a Pure Safety Group (PSG) brand, has unveiled the new line up of Checkmate Xcalibre self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) for North America.

The lifelines range from 25 to 130 feet and are available in North America as well as Europe, as Checkmate continues to expand the availability of its product lines. The Xcalibre product line includes some of the most lightweight SRLs on the market today, with excellent serviceability and exceptional performance, PSG says.

User ratings on the Xcalibre SRLs are 130 to 310 pounds. All SRLs have a dual-acting carabiner as the top connector and a swivel-indicating aluminum carabiner as the bottom connector and feature swivel hooks with fall indicators that clearly show if the device has been subjected to a shock load. All of the new SRLs feature a brake module that is sealed by O-rings which keeps out water and dust to maintain brake efficiency. All also have a BCS (brush cleaning system) to keep debris from entering the device. An optional carrying handle and shoulder strap is also available.

The new SRLs include the following:

•FABXLR SLR-R is available in a 50-foot stainless steel cable SLR with aluminum carabiner or a 130-foot galvanized cable SRL. The FABXLR SLR functions as a standard SRL yet, in the event of a fall, the rewind/rescue engaged gear mechanism and winch can be engaged to raise and/or lower a fallen worker. Its rip-off security deployment tag shows if the rescue function has previously been engaged, indicating that a service/inspection is required. It can be attached to a Checkmate tripod with a FABXLR-D8 bracket and two detent pins. This product adds to Checkmate’s existing recovery SRL offerings which are available in 60- and 100-foot units.

•FABX 1 is available with a 30-foot galvanized SRL with aluminum carabiner or in a 30-foot stainless steel cable SRL. It features two brake pawls that work independently of one another which ensures a “fall safe” capability if one should stop working. Its load-bearing steel chassis provides a structural metallic core beneath the external protection housing.

•FABX 2 is available as a 40-foot Dyneema web SRL with aluminum carabiner, 50-foot stainless steel cable SRL or a 60-foot galvanized steel cable SRL. It features the independent brake pads to ensure a fall safe capability, a load-bearing steel chassis, and the O-ring sealed brake module and BSC brush.

•FABXL is a larger version of FABX 1 and 2, available as a 100-foot galvanized cable SRL with aluminum carabiner or 130-foot galvanized cable SRL with a steel snap, and able to accommodate a user weight of 310 pounds.