The best work gloves for heavy-duty protection

The best work gloves protect the hands against injuries from the different risks of the job. Find out which of our picks suit your team best

The best work gloves for heavy-duty protection
The best work gloves are designed to shield the hand from injuries resulting from a job's various hazards.

Work gloves are an essential part of a worker’s personal safety equipment. A good pair goes a long way in protecting the hands from various industrial hazards. Different industries, however, also require varying levels of protection.

Depending on the risks, your team may need work gloves made of specific materials. Certain tasks may also require different accessories to make the job safer and easier.

In this guide, Canadian Occupational Safety reveals our choices for the 10 best work gloves for industrial use. We will give you a rundown of the features and specifications, so you can get your team the right protection for their hands.

What are the best work gloves for heavy-duty tasks?

The best work gloves for your team depend on the nature of their jobs. Some safety gloves are designed to shield the hand from mechanical injuries. Others provide protection against chemical substances. Depending on the task, one pair may be better suited than the other. For this reason, we arranged the list alphabetically.

Here are our picks for the 10 best work gloves that provide heavy-duty protection:


1. Ansell HyFlex 11-812 work gloves

Material: Nylon-spandex (liner), foam nitrile (coating)

Key features: Easy-tear design, antistatic, silicone- and latex-free

Sizes: 6 to 11

Price range: $4.79 to $6.26 per pair

Ansell’s HyFlex 11-812 work gloves are designed to reduce the risk of injuries for those working with rotating tools. Assembly line workers who regularly use this type of tool face the danger of having their gloves entangled. Such incidents can lead to crushed fingers or even amputation.

Ansell’s safety gloves are engineered to break apart in various areas, including the palm, index finger, and thumb. This allows the wearer to remove the gloves easily in case of entanglement.

The HyFlex 11-812 has a nylon-spandex liner and foam nitrile coating. It comes in a knitted construction and uses ZONZ Comfort Fit Technology, which keeps the workers’ hands cool and comfortable. The work gloves suit different industries, including automotive, machinery and equipment, maintenance, and metal fabrication.

2. Ergodyne ProFlex Coated Series work gloves

Material: TenaLux fabric

Key features: A4 cut-resistance, DSX/WSX grip technology

Sizes: S to 2XL

Price range: $11.40 to $23.99 per pair

The ProFlex Coated Series Work Gloves from Ergodyne are made of TenaLux fabric, a type of polyester specially engineered for increased cut-resistance. The product also uses the brand’s proprietary grip technologies: DSX for dry conditions and WSX for wet and oily surfaces. It is designed to maintain the wearer’s dexterity. These features make the model among the best work gloves for various industries, from small parts manufacturing to heavy construction.

 Honeywell Electriflex safety gloves

3. Honeywell Electriflex safety gloves

Material: Natural rubber

Key features: Embedded RFID tag (optional), leather protectors

Sizes: 9 to 12 (including half sizes, except 11.5)

Price range: $34.23 to $64.42 per pair

Honeywell’s Electriflex safety gloves are dubbed as the industry’s first “connected ready” electrical safety lineman gloves. The hand protection is designed for linemen working on power lines carrying up to 35,000 volts of electricity. An optional tracking technology can be embedded in each pair to ensure that it meets the industry’s safety requirements. 

Electriflex is made of natural rubber that is steam-cured for maximum strength and durability. It measures 14 inches in length and is available in black. The product meets ASTM D120 and EN 60903 standards.

 Impacto Anti-Impact Coated Hammer Gloves

4. Impacto Anti-Impact Coated Hammer Gloves

Material: Knitted polycotton

Key features: Impact-resistant encapsulated air padding in the thumb web area

Sizes: 8 to 11

Price range: $23.10 to $29.88 per pair

The Anti-Impact Coated Hammer Gloves from Impacto are designed to protect the thumb web area and index finger from crushing injuries. The work gloves feature an enlarged encapsulated air padding that reduces impact when hammering nails, working with chisels, and similar tasks. The elastic knit liner serves as a second skin to ensure tactile feedback.

Impacto’s work gloves are made of breathable material and have elasticized cuffs for a comfortable fit. The polyurethane (PU) textured coating on the palm allows for a good grip and dexterity.

 Ironclad Command Series Glove Line 

5. Ironclad Command Series Glove Line

Material: Carbon-infused synthetic leather

Key features: Conductive palm and fingers, neoprene-padded knuckles

Sizes: S to 4XL

Price range: $24.28 to $37.11 per pair

Ironclad offers the best work gloves for those whose jobs require frequent use of mobile devices. The Command Series Glove Line uses nanoparticle technology for its line of durable touchscreen work gloves. Ironclad infused the abrasion-resistant synthetic leather material with conductive carbon ions to produce touchscreen fabrics with permanent conductivity.

The safety gloves feature conductive palm and fingers. They come with neoprene-padded knuckles for impact protection. The TPR hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit.

 Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard Kraken Grip nitrile gloves 

6. Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard Kraken Grip nitrile gloves

Material: Nitrile

Key features: Fully textured palm and fingers, moisture-control and air-circulation pockets

Sizes: M to 2XL

Price range: $18 to $31 per pair

The KleenGuard Kraken Grip nitrile gloves from Kimberly-Clark feature fully textured fingers and palms. The tread-like patterns in these areas help channel substances away for a better grip. The work gloves are designed for staff who handle oil, grease, and solvents.

The product comes with powder-free moisture-control and air-circulation pockets for improved comfort. The black exterior is designed to hide dirt and grime. The beaded cuffs make the gloves easy to wear and prevent roll-down.

The CFIA-approved work gloves are also recyclable through Kimberly-Clark’s RightCycle Program. The program turns apparel, gloves, and protective eyewear into new consumer goods.

 Magid TriTek Palm work gloves

7. Magid TriTek Palm work gloves

Material: Nylon-spandex

Key features: Dual-layer coating, increased abrasion resistance

Sizes: 6 to 12

Price range: $14.95 for orders under $75

The Magid TriTek Palm work gloves come with a dual-layer coating designed to strengthen grip and minimize saturation in heavy liquid and oil applications. This type of finish also provides twice the abrasion resistance compared to other coatings. The work gloves are made of nylon-spandex for increased breathability and flexibility for a bare-hands feel.

 Midas Safety Nylon PU 2.0 work gloves

8. Midas Safety Nylon PU 2.0 work gloves

Material: Nylon with PU coating

Key features: Abrasion-resistant

Sizes: 6 to 11

Price range: $7.13 to $14.26 per pair

The Nylon PU 2.0 work gloves from Midas Safety have a fine gauge machine-knitted nylon liner with PU coating that imparts increased abrasion resistance. The gloves are ergonomically designed to maintain dexterity and flexibility and improve tactility. These are among the best work gloves for material and small parts handling, and assembly lines. They can be used in wet, dry, and oily conditions.  

 Superior Glove Chemstop F225FLNVn safety gloves 

9. Superior Glove Chemstop F225FLNVn safety gloves

Material: Vinyl

Key features: Chemical-resistant

Sizes: S to 2XL

Price range: $12.26 to $16.12 per pair

Superior Glove offers the Chemstop F225FLNV work gloves made of chemical-resistant vinyl. The safety gloves also come with a fleece liner that keeps the hands warm and a textured nitrile palm that allows for a better grip. The work gloves are best for the construction, marine, and fishing industries.

  Zenith Safety Heavyweight Ultra Gripper work gloves

10. Zenith Safety Heavyweight Ultra Gripper work gloves

Material: Nitrile

Key features: Fully textured fingers and palm, puncture- and tear-resistant

Size: 2XL

Price range: $1.69 to $2.15 per pair

Zenith Safety’s Heavyweight Ultra Gripper nitrile gloves feature fully textured fingers and palm. The patterns resemble those of a tire for excellent dry and wet grip. The latex- and powder-free gloves protect against oil, grease, and organic solvents. They are also puncture- and tear-resistant. These work gloves are ideal for manufacturing, maintenance, small parts handling, laboratory, painting, and janitorial tasks. 

What are the different types of protective gloves?

Work gloves come in several types that protect against a range of risks. Here are the most common types:

Anti-vibration and impact work gloves

These safety gloves provide protection against impact and vibration from industrial tools and equipment. They help reduce hand, finger, and arm fatigue.

Chemical- and liquid-resistant gloves

These gloves are often made of natural or synthetic rubber – including latex, neoprene, and nitrile – or plastic – such as vinyl and polyethylene (PE). They provide varying levels of protection against chemicals and other harmful substances.

Coated fiber work gloves

These are the best work gloves for tasks that require dexterity. Most gloves have shells coated with different materials, including latex, nitrile, and PU. These coatings are designed to improve elasticity and grip. They also help strengthen the material to protect against abrasions, cuts, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Cut-, tear- and puncture-resistant work gloves

These provide protection against cuts and scrapes caused by sharp tools and objects. They are rated according to the level of force required to cut, tear, or puncture the material. The best work gloves of this type are made of strong materials, including aramid fiber, Kevlar, and metal-mesh.

Electrical insulated work gloves

These gloves protect against electrical hazards. They are best suited for workers handling high-voltage cables, lines, and equipment.

General-purpose work gloves

These help reduce the risk of hand injuries from common risks such as abrasions, cuts, punctures, and splinters. They come in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty types. Common materials include cotton, nylon, polyester, rubber, and leather. Some expensive versions may use aramid fiber and Kevlar.

Temperature-resistant or insulating work gloves

These work gloves protect the hands from injuries caused by extremely high or low temperatures.

If you want to find out which types of work gloves suit your industry, this essential guide to personal safety equipment in Canada can help.

Are work gloves mandatory in Canada?

There are no specific laws in the country mandating the use of work gloves. All Canadian jurisdictions, however, require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) – which includes safety gloves – in the workplace.

Provinces and territories have their own guidelines on how to use, store, and care for PPE. Three jurisdictions require employers to provide all necessary personal safety equipment at no cost to their employees. These are the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Québec.

In British Columbia, workers must buy their own PPE for general work purposes. This includes work gloves, footwear, and headgear. Employees are also required to wear clothing that protects them from the elements.

For other personal safety equipment, employers are responsible for shouldering the cost. The workers, however, can work out an agreement with their employers to cover the cost of their general work PPE.

Workers in Yukon are likewise responsible for buying their own safety gloves and footwear. Just like in BC, employees are expected to wear clothing that protects themselves from the natural elements. Employers will provide other PPE and specialty clothing if the job requires.

The rest of the provinces don’t specify whether the employer or the employee is responsible for providing work gloves.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about hand protection in Canadian worksites.

How do you choose the best work gloves for your team?

There are several factors that you need to consider to find the best work gloves for heavy-duty work. These include:


Work gloves should provide the right level of protection for the different tasks your team does. They should protect the hands against abrasions, burns, cuts, lacerations, punctures, splinters, and other job-related hazards.


The gloves should be made of materials that hold up against general wear and tear. Be sure to remind your workers to pay attention to the care instructions. Improperly washing or cleaning the work gloves can damage them and shorten their life span.


The best work gloves must be comfortable to wear considering that they are often worn for long periods. A good pair of safety gloves also provides sufficient cushioning to prevent soreness and fatigue.

Grip and dexterity

Work gloves should be flexible enough to allow your team to perform tasks comfortably while wearing them. They should also not hinder a worker’s ability to grip objects.


As work gloves come in different sizes, your employees should find a pair that matches their hand size.

If you want to find more news and information about the best work gloves for your industry, you can visit our Product Resources Page. Be sure to bookmark this page for breaking news and the latest industry updates.

What are your picks for the best work gloves for heavy-duty tasks? Let us know in the comments.