eCompliance 7.0 app

Features expanded language support capabilities

eCompliance 7.0 app
The eCompliance 7.0 app is now available in app stores for both Android and iOS users.

Software company eCompliance has launched version 7.0 of its mobile app. This includes intuitive and expanded feature capabilities, including extended language support, faster system response and an even more intuitive UX design.

The eCompliance 7.0 app is now available in app stores for both Android and iOS users. This update is important for all hazardous industries coping with the impact of COVID-19. This safety software will help manage and centralize all safety program requirements and will empower front-line workers to participate and drive safety precautions – now available for three-months free.

The eCompliance 7.0 app update includes:

  • New language support for French and Spanish
  • Searchable templates
  • Two-way sync for action items within platform
  • Optimized device storage recycling capabilities
  • Pull-to-refresh update throughout app
  • Simple configuration
  • More intuitive UX design, making the app easier to navigate
  • Notification enablement and online and offline syncing
  • Form modification without coding requirements on desktop

“As the eCompliance safety solution expands, we always want to ensure the developments provide our customers with key updates to make their workforce safer and easier to navigate,” said Harish Pandian, director of product at eCompliance. “With continued user-generated feedback and software test trials, we are able to deliver updates they need to create an efficient and safer workplace for all team members.

“We wanted to create accessibility for additional languages, French and Spanish, a seamless user experience with tailored notification settings for moving online to offline and pull-to-refresh UX updates, and easily searchable templates – to skim the surface. Every update we create for eCompliance puts our customers and prospects first. We always do everything we can to create a safer workplace environment with an easy-to-use desktop and mobile app.”