Avetta Connect

Avetta is empowering corporate sustainability practices through its new technology...

Avetta Connect

Avetta is empowering corporate sustainability practices through its new technology platform Connect. Borne out of Avetta’s recognition that identifying, managing, contracting and verifying supply chain suppliers and contractors on paper, spreadsheets or home-grown systems is inefficient, Connect offers a state-of-the-art user experience, enabling clients to configure requirements, create and customize dashboards, modify processes and produce reports that will reduce administrative costs, improve compliance and enhance sustainability for their supply chain operations, the company says.

The platform supports unlimited connections between clients and suppliers and can be integrated through an API to client accounting, ERP and other systems quickly and easily. 

To meet and exceed sustainability standards in the supply chain, Avetta aggregates all relevant procurement information into one, cloud-based platform. By using Avetta’s analytics, customers can build their own tables, charts, filters and groupings to create reports and dashboards for a high level of visibility into areas of concern, such as gap assessments, supplier evaluations and verification, and historical trends. This function is highly interactive, guiding users with leading and lagging indicators that allow them to determine how best to improve supplier performance and compliance. Customized reports can be easily created and set up as an ongoing subscription. 

“Avetta’s advanced analytics not only improve visibility and control for current and future procurement issues, but also impact sustainability,” said John Herr, CEO of Avetta. “Clients can reduce risk, enhance sustainability compliance and grow their businesses through the use of Avetta’s advanced analytics. Avetta contributes to creating safer workplaces, ensuring that workers return home safely each night to their families.”