Cority Enviance RSIGuard software

RSIGuard provides remote office workers with behavior-based training and tools on healthy, productive work habits

Cority Enviance RSIGuard software

Software provider Cority Enviance recently announced that it is offering a free six-month license of RSIGuard, its desktop application for workplace ergonomics, to home-based users. By downloading RSIGuard onto their home computers, remote workers can maintain healthy, productive work habits through behavior-based training, tools, and guidance.  

Ron Goodman, Cority’s office ergonomics product manager said: “Understandably, a lot of people feel stressed out from the mounting pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Now more than ever, people need access to resources that can help them maintain their health during these hard times. RSIGuard will help the new remote workforce feel their best in their new environment by influencing better daily habits.”

RSIGuard offers users a suite of behavior-based tools that promote healthier behaviors, reduce strain exposure, and analyze users’ work patterns for customized ergonomic recommendations. Among these tools include:

  • Break timers: Suggest needed breaks based on the user’s work patterns and natural rest rather than just time.
  • User ergonomic training: Teaches users principles of safer computer work through training and behavioral reminders.
  • Equipment optimization: Helps users correctly position equipment, such as multiple monitors and height-adjustable desks, to stay productive and avoid injuries.
  • Keyboard controls: Limits user injury risk exposure with single-click keyboard actions, automatic mouse clicking, and work limits. 
  • User insight: Provides analytics to show users how to adjust behaviors to reduce injury risk. 

RSIGuard is available for immediate download for Windows and Mac users. 

To try a free six-month RSIGuard license, visit