HTM Solutions updates Cee° application to monitor vital signs

App monitors vital signs of firefighters and other workers in extreme temperatures

HTM Solutions updates Cee° application to monitor vital signs

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland's Human Thermal Model team, HTM Solutions, has introduced an updated version of their Cee° application, utilizing the Human Thermal Model (HTM) to remotely monitor the vital signs of multiple firefighters in real-time. This development addresses the critical need for continuous vital sign monitoring in emergency situations.

Firefighting operations involve elevated core temperatures and dehydration risks, which can have life-threatening consequences. The HTM technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of firefighters during training and actual emergencies.

The application's key features include the ability to non-invasively monitor core temperature online and in real-time. By combining heartbeat data with parameters such as BMI, the mathematical model can accurately detect a wide range of vital signs, eliminating the need for extensive hardware.

This innovation has broader applications beyond firefighting, benefiting individuals working in challenging conditions and athletes. Traditional vital sign monitoring methods often require expensive equipment or invasive procedures such as thermometers, probes, or single-use monitoring pills.