Inquest scheduled into three separate deaths involving structural collapses

Jury will aim to provide recommendations to improve safety on construction sites

Inquest scheduled into three separate deaths involving structural collapses

An inquest has been announced into three separate deaths in Ontario that were all the result of a structural collapses at construction sites.

Dr. David A. Cameron, regional supervising coroner for inquests, has officially announced the date for the long-awaited joint inquest into the tragic deaths of Yao Tuan Li, Qium Moniz Rego, and John Mensen.

Yao Tuan Li, aged 45, passed away on November 27, 2014, followed by Qium Moniz Rego, aged 22, who tragically lost his life on October 27, 2017, and John Mensen, aged 57, who succumbed to his injuries on July 3, 2018. Their untimely deaths have raised questions about construction site safety.

The primary objective of this inquest is to meticulously examine the circumstances surrounding these tragic incidents. A jury will be tasked with the responsibility of investigating the events leading to the deaths. Additionally, the jury may make recommendations aimed at preventing similar fatalities in the future, thus ensuring the safety of workers in the construction industry.

The inquest is scheduled to begin Monday, October 16 at 9:30 a.m. and is expected to last ten days. The jury will hear from at least seven witnesses during that time.

To accommodate the diverse audience interested in this crucial inquiry, the inquest will be conducted via video conference. Members of the public who wish to follow the proceedings in real-time can do so by accessing the live broadcast link.

The announcement of this inquest underscores the commitment of authorities to ensuring transparency, accountability, and safety within the construction industry. It is a crucial step toward finding answers and implementing measures to prevent future tragedies of this nature.