Worker suffers seizure, falls at Ottawa construction site

Fire department's rope rescue team came in to save worker

Worker suffers seizure, falls at Ottawa construction site

A worker had a medical emergency while on the job at an Ottawa construction site, according to reports. The worker had a seizure and fell about two metres below grade at a Parkdale Avenue construction site on Monday morning.

Firefighters were called in to do a rope rescue after the incident.

“Members from our Rope Rescue Team tied off & accompanied the patient in a metal stokes basket that is permanently on the construction site for emergencies. The basket attached to a crane & lifted the patient out,” said Ottawa Fire Services in a tweet.

When the firefighters succeeded in bringing the worker back to ground level, paramedics took charge of the worker.

The man was taken to the trauma centre in stable condition, the Ottawa Paramedic Service said, citing “great teamwork in challenging conditions.”

“Some work environments pose many possible hazards for people with epilepsy, while others may not be suitable for someone with seizures,” according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

“Most jobs may be made safer with a few changes and in many cases employers are required by law to make reasonable adjustments. These adjustments or ‘accommodations’ are changes in the job, environment, or other supports that will allow the person to perform the job and are ‘reasonable’ for the employer to make.”

Co-workers and employers must also be adaptable to the safety adjustments needed to accommodate people with uncontrolled seizures, the foundation added.

The Epilepsy Foundation also shared the following tips that employers can teach their workers with uncontrolled seizures:
Use the elevator instead of stairs.

  • Only climb to heights that would not cause injury if a seizure occurred.
  • If seizures are not controlled, talk to your doctor or nurse about how seizures should be handled at work.
  • Develop a plan for seizure first aid with your employer and involve relevant co-workers (who may be present when seizures occur). Make sure this plan includes when to call for emergency care.

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