5-Star Safety Culture Awards unveiled

Recipients demonstrate dedication to workplace safety

5-Star Safety Culture Awards unveiled

Canadian Occupational Safety has unveiled the recipients of its prestigious 5-Star Safety Cultures award for 2024, honoring organizations that have demonstrated exemplary dedication to workplace safety. Among the standout winners are Green Infrastructure Partners, Pronghorn Controls, and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Dani Desautels, director of safety and health at Price Industries, emphasized the importance of fostering a culture where employees feel empowered to report concerns, stating, “Five-star culture in safety is workers having the knowledge and confidence to see a concern or hazard and being comfortable enough to report it.”

At TSSA, safety is paramount, with rigorous training programs ensuring both employers and employees are well-prepared for any scenario. Cheryl Fournier, human resources people leader at TSSA, highlighted the challenge of maintaining consistent safety standards across diverse locations, saying, “we make sure our employees are operating at the highest standard to ensure they are safe.”

Siemens promotes a bottom-up approach to safety, encouraging active participation from all employees. “Walk and Talks are key for us,” says Nada Vuckovic, head of environment, health and safety and sustainability officer at Siemens. “Each time supervisors go out, it gives us valuable data because it allows employees to say if something they’re seeing is unsafe.”

BASF has intensified its focus on psychological safety, recognizing the link between mental well-being and accidents. Sean Cammaert, head of safety at BASF, stated, “When we have an incident, we want to investigate it from a psychological perspective.”

Green Infrastructure Partners prioritizes inclusivity in safety training, ensuring resources are available in multiple languages. “We recognized early on that we were going to have people who spoke a lot of different languages,” explains Tim McAuliffe, director of health, safety, and environment at Green Infrastructure Partners.

Learn more about how these organizations and several others have demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, adapting safety protocols to address emerging challenges and ensure the well-being of their employees.

The 5-Star Safety Cultures award recognizes their outstanding efforts in championing safety excellence and creating workplaces where employees can thrive.