Alberta invests $10M to support workers with disabilities

Money going to ten organizations partnering with employers to recruit and retain people with disabilities

Alberta invests $10M to support workers with disabilities

The Government of Alberta is investing $10 million to enhance the inclusion and employment prospects for individuals with disabilities. This funding will bolster initiatives aimed at equipping Albertans living with disabilities with the necessary tools and resources to gain new skills and rejoin the workforce.

"Everyone, regardless of the barriers they may face, should have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, explore interests, and find meaningful work in their communities,” says Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services. “This investment will not only help more people with disabilities find jobs, it will continue to build on the important work being done in Alberta by creating more inclusive, diverse, and accessible workplaces."

The initiative comes as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month, reflecting a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workforce year-round. Organizations partnering with employers across the province will receive funding to recruit and retain workers with disabilities, while also promoting inclusive hiring practices.

"Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond this month, as we work tirelessly year-round to foster a more inclusive and accessible employment landscape,” says Kevin McNichol, CEO of Prospect Human Services. “Through the essential funding provided by the GoA, we are empowering persons with developmental disabilities with the necessary support systems to thrive in the workplace. Their contributions not only enrich our businesses but also create a stronger, more vibrant Alberta for all."

Sahana Parameswara, executive director of Gateway Association, echoed the sentiment, noting, "Albertans experiencing disabilities are an invaluable talent pool, whose contributions and impact on workplace culture strengthens Alberta’s businesses."

The investment allocations for the $10 million initiative include:

  • Prospect Human Services: $873,255
  • Vecova: $672,590
  • Gateway Association: $1,117,926
  • Centre for Newcomers: $1,117,926
  • WCG Services: $2,146,289
  • Calgary Catholic Immigration Society: $703,854
  • Goodwill Opportunity Accelerator Program: $1,609,490
  • Goodwill Industries: $1 million
  • CBI: $1,050,800
  • Inclusion Foothills Association: $483,500

This commitment reflects Alberta's government's determination to increase employment opportunities for Albertans with disabilities and dispel myths and stereotypes about disabilities in the workplace. It aims to foster a more positive and inclusive environment within Alberta’s workforce and economy.