Highest paying jobs in Canada

List includes surgeons, judges and pilots

Highest paying jobs in Canada
Some sectors have higher wages than others, and some very specific professions benefit from wages that are far above the median income.

Due to obvious reasons, employees are more concerned about health and safety than ever before.

The current climate has also had a largely devastating impact on peoples’ finances, and so of course salaries are top of mind.

According to Statistics Canada, the average salary for Canadian employees is around $50K per year, varying from province to province. Factors such as gender, race and age also obviously have a huge impact on wages – and of course, industry.

The pandemic has also impacted salary expectations. A survey from Willis Towers Watson revealed that employers are expecting salaries to increase by 3 per cent in 2022.

COVID-19 has also shed light on the fact that essential workers – the people in healthcare or retail who kept the country running during the pandemic – probably do not get paid enough. While a number of provinces and organizations have enacted bonuses, hazard pay and pay increases, how much this will change remains to be seen.

The fact is that some sectors have higher wages than others, and some very specific professions benefit from wages that are far above the median income (whether this is warranted or not).

And though the pandemic has had a huge impact on the labour market, with consequences that remain to be felt over the next few years, there are also some professions that traditionally draw higher wages which is the case for many of the jobs listed below.

(Most salary estimations are yearly come from salary explorer).

1. Surgeons/doctors. Topping the list, surgeons and doctors earn on average between $236K and $676K per year.

Though Canada is among the more developed countries in the world, the number of doctors per capita of the population is lower compared to other countries like Austria or Norway.

Thus, doctors are in high demand!

It’s also a high-risk and very demanding one – one which becomes more of a lifestyle than a career. Doctors and especially surgeons also have to study for a number of years before completing their medical degree.

And with COVID-19 still raging, at the moment working in healthcare is certainly very stressful (especially amid anti-vax and anti-mask protests popping up at hospitals throughout the Canada).

2. Lawyers. The average salary for a lawyer hovers around $302K (with location and area of practice having a strong influence on income). Similarly to doctors, become a lawyer also requires a number of years before being able to practice (around 5 or 6 years).

3. Judges. Another legal profession, the salary range for a judge is between $198K and $568K per year.

Judges have a hefty amount of responsibility – and need a substantial amount of legal experience too (which makes sense given that they are making pretty serious decisions). Legal professionals need at least 10 years of bar experience before being considered for an appointment.

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4. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), 5. Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and 6. Chief Finance Officers (CFO). Unsurprisingly, leadership roles such as these usually come with pretty decent salaries! The average salary hovers around $250K and even more depending on the size of the company. While every single member of a company is valuable, C-level management are often tasked with making risky decisions that could heavily impact the company.

7. Pilots. Pilots are directly responsible for the safety of their passengers, it’s definitely a bit of a stressful position! Pilots earn on average around $178K a year. Becoming a pilot obviously demands rigorous training, considering that they will be at the helm of a metal box flying thousands of feet up in the air.

8. Company Vice Presidents. Similar to the aforementioned C-suite roles, this leadership one is another high paying occupation. VPs earn on average $126K per year (according to talent.com). Again, depending on the size of the company this salary could be significantly higher.

9. Data Scientists. Data is gold, and anyone who can leverage it is a highly valuable player. Generally, tech roles are super sought after and different positions in that field can yield some pretty high salaries. For example, Y-Axis says that the average salary for an IT manager is around $200K per year.