Manitoba’s new Act supports employers and protects new Canadians

The six-month-old Worker Recruitment and Protection Act (WRAPA), the first such legislation in Canada, has proven effective in protecting vulnerable immigrants and in supporting employers who want to recruit foreign workers, Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan said in last October.

"The Worker Recruitment and Protection Act has been tremendously successful in preventing workers from being exploited and in supporting and educating employers who wish to recruit foreign workers," said Allan. "The legislation is a win for workers and a win for employers.

 "The employer registration process is the cornerstone of the legislation. It provides employers interested in hiring foreign workers with everything they need to successfully recruit in a fair and ethical manner, from knowing their responsibilities and the pitfalls of being involved with unscrupulous recruiters to matching them with skilled workers in Manitoba or internationally."

To date, more than 900 employers have been registered through the legislation.

Employer registration makes it possible for Manitoba Labour and Immigration to locate foreign workers who have arrived in the province so that supports can be offered and workplaces can be monitored for compliance with WRAPA and employment standards legislation.

"Unscrupulous recruiters who have made a living victimizing and preying on foreign workers are not tolerated here," said Allan. "Our legislation has uncovered and put an end to many unethical and illegitimate practices such as workers being charged exorbitant fees."

"The successful implementation of WRAPA is evidence of Manitoba's continued commitment to better protect foreign workers and we are pleased to continue to play a role in this success," said John Ryan, chair and acting CEO of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. "Manitoba has pioneered important public policy that ensures the protection of vulnerable foreign nationals and we have recommended this type of regulation serve as a model for other jurisdictions."

Further information is available from the Employment Standards Branch at 945-3352 in Winnipeg or (toll-free) at 1-800-821-4307 outside Winnipeg or online at