Nine steps for turning business relationships into partnerships

Results Through Relationships: Building Trust, Performance, and Profit Through People
By Joe Takash
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Hardcover; $26.95 (CAN)

“This book has a single focus on one goal: apply the behaviours that get better business results faster from your working relationships,” says business consultant Joe Takash, author of Results Through Relationships. People who say business relationships are soft or “touchy-feely” are clueless, says Takash.

Instead, he believes that these relationships and the breakthroughs made in them open doors and expedite bottom-line results.

Takash’s book focuses on the bottom-line behaviours that directly target business results. Whether it be connections with colleagues, bosses, subordinates, customers, clients, or vendors, Takash presents a pragmatic, action-based process that he believes anyone can master and realized tangible benefits. To accomplish this, he has established a nine-step process for creating breakthroughs:

1.    Transition relationships to partnerships
2.    Be willing to be vulnerable
3.    Offer direct and honest feedback
4.    Engage in productive conflict
5.    Express sincere appreciation
6.    Listen skilfully and unselfishly
7.    Get to know the complete person
8.    Assess yourself with brutal honesty
9.    Contribute to the other person’s success

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