Ontario companies are hiring and offering pre-recession salaries

From hourly workers, administrative employees to senior management – Rubin Thomlinson’s Employment Survey 2010 indicates that Ontario companies expect to hire more workers in the third quarter and to the end of 2010, a trend that began in the second quarter of this year.

The survey also indicates companies will be looking to hire full-time permanent employees.  Fully 84.7 per cent of respondents indicate they are looking for full-time workers versus part-time (28 per cent) or short-term or project specific contract (38.9 per cent).

Janice Rubin, managing partner of Rubin Thomlinson, LLP, an employment law firm in Toronto says, “Our survey indicates that not only are employers re-hiring workers who were terminated during the recession (57.1 per cent), but are offering compensation at pre-recession levels (61.1 per cent). Rubin adds, “This finding is noteworthy given general concerns about the strength of the economic recovery.”

“Last year at this time, our survey results indicated that uncertainty and low-morale dominated the workplace environment,” adds Rubin. “This year employers appear to be looking at an expanded pool of experienced candidates and keeping their eye out for good talent as more employees feel secure in looking for new opportunities.”

The survey also indicates that the web is playing a larger role in recruitment.

More than half of the employers who responded (52.5 per cent) will be using both the internet and company websites (59.6 per cent) to find new employees. Social networking sites (12.1 per cent) are also another avenue that employers are using to find new talent. Use of recruiters or employment agencies were cited by 40.4 per cent of respondents.

As for lessons learned from the recession, Rubin cites the value of anticipating the possibility of terminating employees at the outset of the employment relationship by using employment contracts. “If the termination cost is known at the outset, it is easier to manage in the event of an economic downturn,” she says.

Rubin Thomlinson LLP conducted their Employment 2010 survey between July 12-July 26, 2010.

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