Saskatchewan imposes higher penalties for speeding in construction zones

The Province of Saskatchewan is increasing the fines for drivers caught speeding in Saskatchewan's construction zones. Effective Nov. 1, Saskatchewan's fines for speeding in the orange zone will be among the highest in the country.
"Our government is proud to announce new measures designed to move forward on safety improvements in the orange zone for both construction workers and motorists," highways and infrastructure minister Don McMorris said. "We will be undertaking a strategic review designed to prevent tragedies from occurring on our roads."

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is working closely with contractors, ministry crews and motorists to review the three Es of traffic safety: education, engineering (site enhancements such as signs, lighting, rumble strips and barricades) and enforcement.

Starting this fall, rumble strips will be used in prioritized work zones, the ministry said. Gates that narrow the approach to construction zones will also be installed. Both devices are intended to slow traffic to 60 km/h in construction zones. The ministry will review the effectiveness of these devices and develop guidelines for their use at other locations starting in the 2013 construction season.

With the new increase in construction zone fines, motorists will now see a base fine of $210, which is triple the base fine for speeding, and a per kilometre increase from $2 to $3 for every km/h over 60 km/h, for speeds up to up to 90 km/h. Violators will also see a further increase from $4 to $6 for every km/h over 60 km/h, for speeds in excess of 90 km/h.

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will work together to ensure that proper signage is in place to notify motorists that the fine for speeding in a construction zone is three times the base fine for speeding, and that photo radar will be in effect for the next construction season.

"The RCMP dedicated Traffic Unit has written over 415 tickets for speeding in a construction zone throughout the past two months," RCMP 'F' Division Sgt. Paul Dawson said. "Our members have been vigilant in enforcing the Saskatchewan Traffic Safety Act throughout the fall construction season. Our message for those travelling in the orange zone is it shouldn't take a ticket to make you slow down and save lives."??In September, the Saskatchewan government committed to work with the RCMP to address the issue of motorists speeding in construction zones following the death of 18-year-old flag person Ashley Dawn Richards by a vehicle speeding in an orange zone.