How to prevent rooftop accidents

Webinar focuses on fall prevention and other control methods

How to prevent rooftop accidents

Canadian building owners face significant risks of injuries and fatalities due to unsafe rooftops, making it their ethical and legal responsibility to ensure safety.

A webinar was held by Skyline Group on July 27, titled "Best Practices in Creating Safe Access and Working Environments on Rooftops," and it addressed rooftop hazards and offers solutions for a safer workplace.

The webinar covered topics such as marking hazards, implementing designated walkways, restricting unauthorized access, and complying with safety codes and regulations. By adopting modern safety solutions and following guidelines, building owners can protect themselves from liability and safeguard their workers' well-being.

Lawson Ghinn, a rooftop safety specialist with Skyline Group, hosted the event and touched on a range of topics, including the differences in regulations between the various provinces.

If you didn’t have a chance to tune in live, you can still have an opportunity to watch the recording of the video.