Manitoba WCB average assessment rates remain stable for another year

The average workers’ compensation board (WCB) assessment rate in Manitoba will remain stable at $1.50 per $100 of assessable payroll effective Jan. 1, 2014.
Manitoba employers can depend on “stable and predictable” assessment rates in 2014 for WCB workplace injury coverage, including wage loss payments, medical benefits and rehabilitation services, said WCB of Manitoba.

Overall, about 38 per cent of employers will pay lower WCB assessment rates in 2014, while 13 per cent will pay more and 49 per cent will not see a change in their rates. T

hose employers with consistently low injury experience will pay the lowest rates within their industry.

"Our rates are a competitive advantage for Manitoba employers," said Winston Maharaj, WCB president and CEO. "The fact that most employers will either see a decrease in their rates or no increase tells us that our message of workplace safety is being heard.”

Maharaj added that employers can help reduce assessment rates by improving health and safety at their workplaces and strengthening return to work programs.

"Employers play a critical role in working with injured workers to develop return to work programs," he said. "By promoting injury prevention and reduction, employers are not only investing in the welfare of their workers but also helping to reduce their business costs."

The gradual increase in the maximum assessable earnings cap also continues, with the 2014 ceiling set at $119,000.