New CSA protective footwear standard now available

All jurisdictions across Canada require workers to protect their feet from workplace hazards by selecting and correctly using protective footwear certified by CSA Group. The CSA mark indicates to consumers that their footwear has been certified to meet applicable performance requirements for protection.

There are several changes to the new edition of CSA Z195 – Protective Footwear, including:

• requirements for static-dissipative footwear, with or without toe impact resistance
• requirements for slip-resisting footwear, with or without other protective features
• new static dissipative category “super SD” which was added for use by those working with electronics and sensitive instruments
• new labelling scheme for multi-labels, metatarsal guard labels, and super SD labels.

From its first publication in 1970, CSA Z195-Protective Footwear has grown from its original scope and now covers design & performance requirements, toe protection, sole puncture protection, metatarsal protection, electric-shock resistant soles, slip resistant soles and other requirements relating to the general stability of footwear.

Specific examples of preventable foot injuries in the workplace, include:
• burns and/or electrical shock
• crushed or broken feet
• cuts or severed feet or toes
• punctures to the soles of the foot/shoe
• sprained or twisted ankles, fractures/ broken bones due to slips trips or falls.