N.S. summer awareness campaign promotes lifejacket use for fishermen

A new campaign is reminding fishermen across Nova Scotia about the importance of wearing a personal floatation device (PDF) while at sea.

"Fishing is one of, if not the, most dangerous occupation in the province," said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau. "I hope this campaign reminds all fish harvesters about the importance of staying safe on the water."

"Personal flotation devices increase your chances of rescue and survival. If you don't wear a PFD for you, wear it for your family."

Workers' Compensation Board CEO Stuart MacLean said a PFD is a visible symbol of health and safety leadership.

"For too long in this province, fishing has been associated with heartbreak," said MacLean. "By choosing to wear a PFD, fishermen are shifting the culture of loss and establishing a culture of safety in their industry."

The "Who Do You Wear Your PFD For?" campaign is a partnership between the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council, the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia, the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, and the Workers' Compensation Board.

"Our activities reflect our goal to increase awareness and use of PFDs throughout Nova Scotia," said Lisa Fitzgerald, executive director of the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council. "We are hoping fishermen from across the province attend man-overboard drills and community events where we have opportunities to showcase these important safety practices."