PPE in Canada: Standards and guidelines to know

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PPE in Canada: Standards and guidelines to know
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Even for the most seasoned OHS pros, personal protective equipment (PPE) standards and guidelines can be difficult to navigate.

And with hazards a reality in most occupations, these are things that health and safety people need to know.

“Since hazards are a prevalent part of every workspace, a strong priority must be given on establishing a hierarchy of control,” says Avetta.

“This includes the elimination of the hazard, substitution with non-hazardous materials, engineering controls that can be used to tackle hazards at their source, administrative controls such as training and awareness and proper utilization of PPEs. PPEs are thus reserved as a mandatory last line of protection when hazards cannot be removed or controlled enough.”

As Avetta says, PPE is the last line of defense. However:

“PPEs do not essentially eliminate or reduce the hazard in question nor do they guarantee complete or permanent protection for the wearer, says Avetta.

PPEs must be used in conjunction with a complete hazard control program that incorporates various strategies and control measures to create a safe workplace.”

In Canada and across North America, safety and health regulatory bodies require that employers protect employees from such hazards even before PPE is required.

Over the last year, PPE has been a huge concern for businesses and organizations across the board. Key bits of PPE like masks, respirators, face shields or gloves have been in high demand.

And with the pandemic, the workplace is evolving faster than ever before. It may be hard to know or to understand what is required when it comes to workplace safety.

Avetta, an award-winning global supply chain risk management platform, is here to help you with any questions you may have.

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