Leading OHS tech companies partner up to accelerate worker safety

Cority and 3M to connect over respiratory and hearing protection

Leading OHS tech companies partner up to accelerate worker safety
The ultimate goal is improving worker safety.

At the start of the month, EHS software provider Cority announced that it would be collaborating with PPE giant 3M’s Personal Safety Division.

The two companies will be working together in the area of Connected Safety* tech to push forward connected EHS management and improve worker safety.

3M and Cority aim to partner up specifically on the topics of respiratory protection and hearing protection.

“We’re trying to go beyond connection for connection’s sake,” says John Easton, Cority’s VP of Product Management.

He says that clients are looking for simple solutions. Partnerships like these aim to connect disparate solutions to ensure a smoother experience for clients.

The goal of the partnership is to find ways to connect 3M’s tech expertise and Cority’s tech expertise to find valuable new solutions which will help improve both companies’ offerings in that arena.

The ultimate goal is, of course, improving worker safety.

For example, Cority’s products will help provide 3M information on user compliance of their PPE. This will hopefully push for a more proactive understanding and respect of compliance in the long-term.

Amanda Smith, VP of Solutions Marketing & Enablement at Cority, says that Cority is focused on enabling and engaging every worker – whether they’re on the frontline or are an executive – to do the best they can to protect workers and make the right decisions.

She says there is value in connected devices which help monitor activity and performance. Indeed, they can help employers and employees understand what needs to be done to improve and change behaviours.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure,” says Easton.

*Connected Safety is a 3M Internet of Things (IoT) platform made of both digital and physical products which are designed to help businesses and organizations connect workers, places, and equipment.