Partnership aims to enhance tower crane safety

Ontario Formwork Association reaches agreement with SafetyLoop

Partnership aims to enhance tower crane safety

The Ontario Formwork Association (OFA) has officially announced its partnership with SafetyLoop, a Canadian safety management software company, to better track and maintain the safety of tower cranes. This partnership aims to usher in a new era of safety management practices within the Ontario forming industry.

The OFA's decision to collaborate with SafetyLoop is driven by the industry's recognition of the need for advanced safety solutions in the face of technological advancements and evolving industry requirements. The primary focus of this partnership is to standardize, measure, and continually enhance tower crane safety and other safety systems within the forming sector across the province of Ontario.

Dennis Cancian, executive director of the OFA, stressed the role of technology in maintaining crane safety and maintenance standards in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

"Technology is crucial in upholding new crane safety standards and ensuring the proper maintenance of the 300 tower cranes operating in the GTA." Additionally, it will facilitate effective safety communication within a diverse and multilingual workforce, taking into account the substantial growth of the immigrant population in the industry.

In a press release, SafetyLoop says its asset tracking digital solution will revolutionize how safety processes are carried out on construction sites.

“The ability to track and manage tower cranes in real-time will provide greater transparency, accountability, and efficiency throughout the construction process,” reads the statement.

The OFA, in conjunction with SafetyLoop, is firmly committed to addressing industry-wide challenges, improving work practices, enhancing operational procedures, ensuring equipment safety, and promoting an overarching culture of safety among its members.

This partnership represents a significant step toward a safer, more innovative, and more unified future for the Ontario forming industry. Both organizations are enthusiastic about the journey ahead, which promises growth, progress, and enhanced safety practices.