SafetyLoop partners with RESCON

Safety management software company continue to grow in Ontario

SafetyLoop partners with RESCON

The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) has partnered with SafetyLoop, a safety management software company headquartered in Ontario.

“I could not be more excited to be part of RESCON,” says Steve Heck, vice president strategy business development at SafetyLoop, “and even more excited about what we're about to do in this industry.”

Heck made the comments following a virtual webinar hosted by RESCON in which SafetyLoop had the opportunity to show off its software solution that it says simplifies health and safety processes.

As part of the partnership, RESCON members receive a preferred rate if they choose to use SafetyLoop’s services. 

“We're doing this with members, we want to, where possible, move to a digital platform,” explains Andrew Pariser, RESCON vice president. “SafetyLoop has contracts with a number of our members already, and so they seem like a natural partner.”

The Ontario Formwork Association also partnered with SafetyLoop last year to enhance tower crane safety. 

At the time the OFA said it entered the collaboration with the goal of advancing safety solutions in the face of technological advancements and evolving industry requirements.

This latest partnership with RESCON is a big win for SafetyLoop as it tries to expand it’s reach into Ontario’s construction industry.