Guidance for employers on COVID-19 vaccine policies

Keep your workplace a safe and healthy environment by preventing COVID-19 spread

Making COVID-19 vaccination part of your workplace wellness program offers many benefits to you and your employees.

By providing information about COVID-19 vaccination and establishing supportive policies and practices, employers can improve workplace safety and secure employee health. To do this, employers need to share clear messages and promote confidence in getting vaccinated, as well as engage employees in plans to address potential barriers to vaccination.

Watch this free webinar from Avetta and learn about business justifications and accommodation issues, the impact of vaccination on workforce safety procedures, and issues organizations should consider for setting up policy and communication plans regarding on-site work COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch now and gain insight into:

  • Safety priority of vaccines and the workplace
  • Support of vaccinations from employers/employees
  • Human rights law and vaccination exceptions
  • Privacy concerns and protecting personal data
  • Responses to employees refusing vaccinations