B.C. employer fined for worker's fatal injury

Driver was reconnecting a commercial trailer to a transport truck when incident happened

B.C. employer fined for worker's fatal injury

British Columbia employer GFL Environmental Inc. has been fined $73,429.93 after one of its workers suffered fatal injuries in the workplace.

The incident took place at the company’s Nanaimo worksite, when one of the firm's drivers was reconnecting a commercial trailer to a transport truck.

While waiting for the trailer's air system to recharge, the trailer rolled and struck the driver. The driver sustained fatal injuries.

WorkSafeBC's investigation determined that the trailer's wheels had not been chocked at the time of the incident.

“The firm had not conducted a risk assessment for the task of reconnecting the trailer, and its safe work procedures did not mandate the use of wheel chocks,” according to the provincial government.

More than half (55 per cent) of Ontario drivers admit to engaging in unsafe driving and nearly all (95 per cent) have witnessed dangerous driving from other motorists, according to a survey conducted on behalf of CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO). Recently, Alberta introduced Bill 5 or the Traffic Safety Amendment Act, 2022, which will require all motorists traveling in the same direction to slow down to at least 60 km/h when passing a stopped roadside worker vehicle with its lights flashing.

WorkSafeBC also found that a similar incident had occurred at another of the GFL Environmental's locations, but reports of that incident and resulting safe operating procedures had not been communicated to all locations.

“The firm failed to provide its workers with the information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety. This was a high-risk violation. The firm also failed to ensure its occupational health and safety program included records and reports of incident investigations. In addition, the firm failed to ensure that equipment unsafe for use was identified as such,” according to the government.

Previously, Ontario employer 2341134 ThermoEnergy Structures Inc. was fined $60,000 after one of its workers suffered critical injuries from a workplace incident. A contractor employed by the company was assisting in the assembly and erection of an industrial type/style barn when the incident occurred.

Also, Ontario employer Pathways to Independence was fined $135,000 after one of its workers was fatally injured during an overnight shift.

Recently, Durham Regional Police said that a worker died in Oshawa, Ont. after a workplace accident involving a piece of machinery.

Also, the Halifax Port Authority was found guilty of violating the Canadian Labour Code following the death of a worker.