Food manufacturer fined $139K for worker injury

Worker sustained serious injury after coming into contact with food slicing machine

Food manufacturer fined $139K for worker injury
The firm received an inspection from WorkSafeBC.

Neptune Fresh Produce Inc., a fruit and vegetable packing company based in Richmond, B.C., was fined $138,683.76 in September after an incident which took place at its food processing facility.

The firm received an inspection from WorkSafeBC following the incident.

The inspection occurred when one of its workers sustained serious injuries; the worker had opened a sliding access door on a food slicing machine to clear jam. They came in contact with the machine’s cutter and were seriously injured.

Following its inspection, WorkSafeBC found that the machine had not been de-energized or locked out at the time of the incident.

Furthermore, according to WorkSafeBC, the machine’s door interlock safeguard had been bypassed. This means that the worker was able to be in contact with hazardous moving parts.

“The firm rendered a safeguard ineffective, contrary to regulatory requirements. The firm also failed to isolate and control an energy source when the unexpected release of energy could cause injury.” Said WorkSafeBC.

These are both deemed to be high-risk violations.  

In July, Punjab Milk Foods Inc. was fined almost $98K after a worker’s hand got caught in a machine. In August, Fine Choice Foods Ltd. was fined $69K after a worker was struck by a mixing blade.